What to Look For in a Window Installation Company

Replacement windows can deliver a real boost and long lasting boost to the value of your home.  Additionally, and perhaps the reason you are looking for new windows, they look great!  This process always starts with choosing the right window installation expert.  If you by some stroke of bad luck, choose someone who isn’t qualified to do the installation, your windows won’t perform well or last as long as they are designed to. Learn what to consider when choosing a window contractor so you can be confident that the windows you get are great, and the installation, flawless.


Focus on Window Replacement

We’ve all heard the phrase, jack of all trades but ace of none. What this means is that you should be looking for a window contractor who is truly and ace of his trade.  If you’re committing to replacing your windows, don’t hire someone who is not as vested as you are! Wouldn’t you want to hire someone who installs and replaces windows every day as opposed to someone who does it occasionally for their friends or family?

Look for someone local, and have an exclusive focus on window installation to avoid working with someone who doesn’t have the right skill set, and who is as committed and focused to the project as you are.


Experience with Window Replacement

We strongly urge you to rule out the “everything” contractor, the guy who can do any type of home improvement projects.

A window contractor who has been around for at least 10 years has exponentially more experience than someone who has been in business for 1 or even 5 years.

An experienced window contractor will be able to take recommendations based upon your climate, budget, and the scenery around the window. This extra experience can persuade you to see something that many homeowners don’t realize until too late. Additionally, working with experienced professionals means for a fast installation, the windows will perform as the manufacturer advertises, and a happy customer.


Window Installation Training

Window specifications are changing every year. Whether it is the adhesive they are using to seal the glass, the compound they are using to weld the windows together, or even the trends that homeowners are liking, someone with up to date training is a must. Ask about what training the service technicians have had, if their training is up to date, and how long they have been installing windows.  These questions will help gauge the quality of the window installer.


Site Preparation and On Site Clean-up

This is the most overlooked and also most complained about aspect of any contractor, how and when they clean up. If you don’t ask about this, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise when you realize they left you with the unwanted scraps or even old window parts.

Any professional and reputable window contractor will try to leave your property as good or better than when they found it. Ask about the quality of work they will do sure, but never forget to ask what they are going to do with the old replaced parts.


Positive References

Always take the time to check references, look at past jobs, and ask to speak with some of their customers when you are looking to hire a window installation company. Ask about the quality, professionalism, cost, and more of the company to make sure you are working with someone you know will do a good job.

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