Addition and Remodel Cost for Interior of Home

Remodeling and Addition Guide

The first customers I have been assigned seem a bit on the fence when choosing the proper project for their home remodel. It is as if they are afraid of the cost of a major construction project, or they don’t believe in the value that this project can add. After speaking with the wife of the household, she has seen images of their friends homes as well as images online and she wants her home to have certain aspects from each of the images that she has shown me. During our first meeting, the only two tasks that I had was understanding their wants, and to convince them that if we do the work up front by determining a budget and having a clear view as to what the project will look like upon completion everything will work out. After this meeting I could tell that they were pleased to work with the siding contractor company which employs me. We strategically laid out a plan and started identifying the most valuable assets both in terms of physical cost as well as what they both value. Next week we will go over more about the prices and products they are interested in, by highlighting the following points:

Size and Complexity of Remodel

We will be going over the complexity of the remodeling project, because while the customer may understand material costs, they must also understand that they are having a contractor do the manual installation work for them as well. This is something, that many customers do not have a handle on from the beginning. In addition to the installation of the physical materials, make sure you have an understanding if any electrical or plumbing work needs to be done after the remodel in order for your appliances or electrical outlets to work properly.  For this reason, it can be worthwhile to contact plumbers, electricians, or carpenters in addition to your contractor.

The reason to contact other contractors as well is because the ones working for you may discover some type of problem half way into the project that needs to be solved before moving foward. By having all of the information upfront, it will eliminate any surprise costs to your project.

Workers for a Remodel

Depending on the size and complexity of your remodeling project, you may only require one contractor or in the case that we discussed above multiple contractors may be required to complete a single project. The example which comes to mind is when a new washer and dry was installed in a unit I was working on required a different electrical source to be installed. The installation of this additional and specialized outlet added an additional $750 to the overall installation cost. The homeowners were not pleased, and this added expense could have been avoided if they had done their homework upfront.

Budget for a Remodel

After you have done your home work and decide what physical materials you want, as well as what physical work is required to have them installed, you will need to establish a budget in order to complete these tasks. When contacting different contractors be absolutely sure that when they provide you with a quote it is broken down into material costs as well as labor costs. If the contractor does not provide you with an itemized breakdown of costs, they will likely be trying to get your business by having the lowest bid, then after the job is complete bill you for the labor as well. Do not fall into this trap.

Value Added After Remodeling

We know that projects like remodeling are a huge undertaking and development. Do your homework upfront to identify the following items:

  1. What material or appliances do you want?
  2. How much is the material cost?
  3. How much physical labor is required to install them?
  4. How much for the completed project?
  5. And finally, what type of value does it add to your home?