About Slon


My name is Elizabeth Slon, but all of my friends have always called me Slon. This goes back to when I was growing up in Ireland and my football (American soccer) coach would cheer me on by yelling my last name.  That nickname has stuck for the past 25 years, and across international borders. I have recently moved to the United States in order to pursue my interior and exterior home decoration passion. In my homeland, I was previously working for an information technology company, but decided that my life needed a change. So I applied for many jobs in the United States, and was finally granted a working visa for the next three years. With this work visa I will be working as an interior and exterior designer, who specializes in home improvement and increasing home re-sale value. I will be working closely with customers to determine what they physically want as well as what designs suit their persona styles and personas.

The purpose of this blog is to track my career progress and post the lessons I learn online regarding home improvement. I hope my reader base grows and many people will come to read the lessons I have to write about.

Thank you all!